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What makes us different from other learning centers?
​    When Nancy and Polly created the Learning Lab, their goal was to provide high quality educational services at affordable prices. We are teacher-owned and our owner/director is always on-site! 

    1. Our tutors are 100% NJ State Department of Education Certified!
  • Our tutors have graduated from an approved college for teacher education
  • They hold Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees in education
  • They are NJ Department of Education certified to teach in public school
  • You can view your tutor's certifications--Just ask!

Did you know...Some other centers use 'daycare' certified teachers as tutors? 'Daycare certified' teachers are not necessary college-educated and may have limited academic training. Daycare teachers are not qualified to tutor elementary, middle school and high school students. Some tutoring centers use the words 'state certified teacher' when they really mean 'state certified daycare' teacher. If you are not sure whether your tutor is REALLY certified by the Department of Education, you have the right to ask! 

2. Our warm, but professional center provides small, quiet, distraction-free tutoring rooms and multiple resources at our fingertips, such as:
*A Leveled Library (DRA based), research-based, tried and true programs such as: Touch Math, Everyday Math, Singapore Math, Handwriting with Tears, Meet the SuperKids, Phonics Factory 1 and 2, a variety of Orton Gillingham programs; A wide range of technology, such as: Kindles, Nooks, tablets, electronic spellers, white boards, computers, SmartPens (and more) and; a wide range of teacher editions, teaching resources, educational games & manipulatives! 

Did you know...While tutoring at home can be convenient, it can be more expensive and less productive. Siblings, pets, favorite toys & electronics can take the student's focus away from the lesson & the tutor. The tutor has to carry supplies from home to home, therefore, they cannot carry a good variety of materials. The neutrality of a tutoring center helps children to associate learning with the tutoring center and family fun time with home!

3. Our center is teacher-owned and our directors are always on site! 
Did you know...Many tutoring businesses are franchises that can be owned by non-teachers. In fact, the owner may not even be on-site (or in-state)! The Learning Lab's owners/directors are on-site to participate in the day-to-day important decisions and oversee the education the center is providing to ensure quality and consistency! 

Dear Steve,
Thank you so much for all of the great SAT help! I definitely learned tons of new tricks for the test! 
From, Francesca
Dear Steve,
Thank you for the many things you have taught me this year. I really appreciate you giving me the help I needed. You're an excellent teacher!
Dear Mrs. Polly,
Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. Alexandra just adores you. (We do too)!
The Anderson Family