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Kindergarten Enrichment: The most important year!
The academic success of children in later years depends heavily on their kindergarten readiness. The few years of education and preparedness are the most crucial to establishing a solid foundation from which children can adapt to school systems and learn successfully. During this period, children develop primary skills that form the foundation of reading, math and social interactions. (Source: The United Way)

The Learning Laboratory knows how important the Kindergarten year is. During this time, children begin to blend words to read, recognize sight words, and have a desire to write to communicate (even make their own books). They make patterns, add and subtract counters, and compare quantities (even hundreds and thousands). We take Kindergarten VERY seriously! 

In our Kid's Club Kindergarten Enrichment classes and our Read, Write and Math Kindergarten Enrichment classes, students get the opportunity to learn at their own pace and progress as far as he or she can! Our program "meets the student where he/she is".  If a child is ready to move ahead, there is a range of materials and activities that will allow the student to progress. Conversely, if a student is struggling with a particular skill or concept, our certified teachers have the time to help the student master the skill. Our classes are limited to 5 students, all children in our Kindergarten Enrichment programs receive the individual attention they deserve. 

We also understand that children learn best with active, hands-on learning activities. That's why our program uses a modified Montessori approach, wherein children learn work habits, independence and develop a love of learning! Using the didactic materials in the classroom makes concepts easier to understand. Students enjoy adding with the hundreds squares and spelling with the Moveable Alphabet. The materials, as well as the themes, change monthly to avoid "boredom" as each month presents growing challenges to the growing mind! 

While they are both excellent options to supplement a "half-day" public kindergarten, several differences define the Kindergarten Enrichment classes.  Kid's Club Kindergarten Enrichment features Meet The SuperKids (Rowland Reading Foundation), along with Touch Math(c) and Montessori materials as group work. In addition to "shelf work" in both the reading and math rooms, this class includes science lessons. Read, Write and Math Kindergarten features Phonics Factory 1 & 2, and also makes use of Touch Math(c) and Montessori materials for math, but does not include science. See our "Services/Classes" page for enrollment details. 

Thank you so much for helping our kids become great learners!
Love, the Morning Kindergarten Enrichment class

Dear Mrs. Scott,
Thank you for a great year! I learned a lot and had fun. Have a nice summer.